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PrimeLingo is Egypt based translation and localization agency so we have the best native Arabic translators in the Middle East, with an accompanying expertise in all business sectors, ensuring that all of your Arabic translation projects will always meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.
Since its launch, PrimeLingo works hard to be the best English into Arabic translation services provider, endorsing modern and progressive technology to ensure our standards always remain high. At PrimeLingo, we use the latest versions of quality assurance and project management tools, keeping our projects on track and meeting customers’ expectations every time. We are firm believers that forming a connection between us and our customers is essential, and it will definitely add to the final outcome of our business collaboration.

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We’re specialized in translating and localizing content and products from English into Arabic using processes and technologies that are fit for the digital age. We’re a strategic partner for our customers, because we do more than just localize your content; we offer you our input on how to reach your target markets of different cultural backgrounds without changing the message or the idea you want conveyed. We’ll help you get your business to flourish, and pave the way for you to reach your communication goals smoothly.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a developing and dynamic hub for investment, thus doing business in the MENA region can be lucrative. PrimeLingo’s qualified team of native Arabic-speakers and knowledgeable translators will aid you in your journey to expand your business in the Arabic markets easily and effectively. Our language services can deliver the most cost-effective localization solutions to support your business aspirations.

Certified Quality Assurance

Translation quality assurance is pivotal in all sectors of translation business but it’s absolutely crucial when it comes to specific sectors like medical, legal, accounting, and technical documentation. Mediocre translation can influence business negatively and in certain cases could even cause a loss of life.
To ensure the highest quality possible, PrimeLingo uses a three-tiered translation process involving three linguists. The translator creates the preliminary translation. The editor meticulously reviews and refines it to ensure that the translation reads as if it were originally written in the target language. The proofreader then provides quality control, ensuring that each document is flawless. Our clients benefit from fast delivery, flexible rates, professional project management, friendly business relationships and reliable services.

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