Electronics Translation Services
Translating electronics texts can be a little trickier than translating general topics. Our team of professional translators can tackle a multitude of different kinds of documentations from electrical diagrams and detailed product descriptions to assembly instructions and training manuals. We deploy the most qualified linguists who have a deep understanding of their sectors that will drive your brand and products forward and keep you ahead of the competition. Our expert translators will help develop a workflow solution enabling you to streamline your processes and reuse content across divisions and product lines, for a faster and more efficient translation program which will help drive costs down.

Financial Translation Services
Our financial translation services are designed to meet the needs of the financial and banking sector; our experts understand the financial terminology that you use, and they’re extremely capable of translating complex financial information. And keep in mind that when it comes to financial translation the key factor is trust; At PrimeLingo, our trustworthy team provide the highest quality translation services to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and asset managers who all rely on our secure, accurate, 24/7 translation services, underpinned by industry expertise.

Medical & Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare industries rely on experts in the life science sector for the most complex medical translations. It also requires expertise and accuracy, which can undoubtedly be delivered by our team of professionals who are highly specialized in healthcare industry. At

At PrimeLingo we make sure to convey the translated content accurately since the medical data contains countless complex terminologies. Our team of translators is extremely aware that there’s no room for error especially since this type of translated material is very crucial to
the human life; so they can handle any constraints within the translation to achieve that.

At PrimeLingo we certainly understand the sensitive nature of your medical work and ensure
our security procedures are committed to attaining confidentiality and safety of your medical data.

At PrimeLingo demolishing barriers and building bridges is our motto, so choosing us will get you one step closer to do business in any Arabic-speaking country without any worry regarding the legal aspect of your business to be translated accurately and culturally appropriate to help you invade said market.

Our translators understand the legal effect of each document. We have extensive experience in legal translation service and have translated documents of all varieties.
Our blend of experienced, skilled translation professionals, legal Consultants, and project managers
gives PrimeLingo an advantage over the other agencies in being the ideal partner for your corporation,
even if you require the most complex and specialized of legal translation needs.

Smart Governments
PrimeLingo’s team of professional translators is very aware of the sensitivity of translating content for governments and that confidentiality is a key factor when it comes to “Smart government” translation. Governments have a responsibility to address information to the public. The information needs to be timely, accurate, and accessible. If handled incorrectly it may cause problems.

Our translators handle each project with attention to detail, cultural sensitivity, and confidentiality. Our goal is for you to communicate clearly and accurately. Your data is
guaranteed to be secure and your translated materials are precise.

Automotive Translation Services
The automotive industry is extremely vast and interchangeable, and at PrimeLingo we have the reliable resources necessary to ensure that your automotive industry translation is technically precise, while also culturally sensitive and relevant. Our automotive translation services are entirely dedicated to supplying precise Arabic translation to organizations in the automotive industry. To be a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry you must strive to reach new markets and the Middle East is one of the rapidly rising markets, and therefore using automotive translation services is a must.

Marketing & Advertising
Translating marketing materials requires a careful approach to avoid literal translation, thus confusing the message while ignoring the cultural context of a campaign which eventually leads to miscommunication. Our talented team of translators understands that marketing translation is not just about translating the words, but rather it’s important to convey the correct marketing message in the audience’s language to promote the brand and fully engage the user, while preserving the original style and intended marketing approach.

PrimeLingo has the language capabilities and expertise to develop accurate Arabic
versions of marketing collateral, brand, message, brochures, press releases, advertisements,
labeling, packaging, Websites, internal and external communications, and much more.

When trying to expand your clientele to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, localizing your software is the answer to that, because localizing your software helps increasing profits, market share, and fulfilling your customer’s needs.

PrimeLingo has an expert team of translators specializing in software localization. Our localization team of project managers, expert translators, localization specialists, and technical resources has many years of experience in delivering localization solutions to clients around the world.

Travel & Tourism
Whether you need translations for a hotel chain, localization for a travel agency, or any translation service for the tourism and hospitality industry, PrimeLingo will provide you with an accurate, culturally specific translation services that are guaranteed to connect with your target audience.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of the travel sector. Our translators are all qualified professionals with experience translating tourism focused terminology, and can hit the ground running when it comes to translating your materials to attract tourists and make
them feel cared for, and aid them to navigate freely on their own.

Global E-learning And Training Translation Services
If you have a global organization with offices located in Arabic-speaking countries and you need to construct a stable communication system between you and your employees, you can easily achieve that by using our e-learning and training translation services, so your corporate training and sales programming and documentation can be able to cross borders as swiftly as you do.

PrimeLingo is a leader in the translation and localization of corporate training initiatives and documentation into Arabic. Our team of professional translators and localizers provides
an excellent service that includes product documents, multimedia presentations, training
manuals and more.


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