Translation Services

Business Translation

Successful Business translation is very high on the list of well-rounded services we provide, and it’s used by many of our clients. Underpinned by a total commitment to quality, our document translation service is delivered by our team of highly qualified translators on time and at a reasonable cost.

We provide the right terminology and translation approach to accurately convey concepts and ideas for any business area to the Arabic-speaking audiences. PrimeLingo translates all types of business related documents ranging from contracts, emails, letters, certificates, technical specs,
datasheets, and legal documents.

Technical Translation

Translation of technical manuals and technical documents is a challenging job that calls for an in-depth understanding of technical documents, their nature and specific requirements; so it’s best left to experts. We carry out high-quality translation of technical documentation and user manuals for software, online services, SaaS applications, hardware products, telecommunications equipment, and medical devices and many more.

PrimeLingo is pleased to offer you professional technical translation services including but not limited to:

• User manuals and handbooks on how to use various tools and devices.
• Help systems for software products.
• Descriptions of technical solutions, software developments, and inventions.
• Tables, charts, and diagrams.
• Patents.

Legal Translation Services

PrimeLingo provides the highest quality of legal translation services to businesses seeking to expand in the Arabic-speaking Countries. With a deep understanding of the stringent regulations of the legal world, we can provide you with the best legal translation services. To deliver accurate legal translation services for our clients’ projects, we employ a carefully selected team of legal translation professionals that has a firm grasp on the terminology of legal systems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

PrimeLingo provides legal translation & litigation translation services in a broad range of
practice areas including:

• Agreements
• Insurance Contracts
• Contracts
• Court Orders
• Civil lawsuit translations
• Mirror-image, legally binding contract translations
• Bylaws
• Pleadings
• Powers of Attorney
• Judgments
• Deeds of Associations
• Diploma Certificates
• Loan Agreements

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation is one of our pillars. PrimeLingo’s team of highly qualified medical linguists excels in translating documents for clinical trials and regulatory submissions in the Arab world.

With a fully dedicated team of expert translators, PrimeLingo’s life science division masters translation and localization of medical and surgical device documents, and helps to ensure that the translated documents follow international and national standards – technically, linguistically and culturally.

Translations in this field include but not limited to:

• Medical devices, including instructions for use
• Clinical trials
• Drug registration
• Scientific articles
• Laboratory, rehabilitation and veterinary devices
• Drug labels and prospects in accordance with European Medicines Agency QRD guidelines
• Personnel training material for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors
• Marketing material and catalogs for medical devices
• Patent applications
• Patient hospitalization

Financial Translation

The world economy is becoming increasingly integrated in all business sectors and markets, and without accurate information and communication, this level of information flow would be impossible to track. Additionally, English is no longer the only language for business with the Middle East becoming a beacon for investment, translation into Arabic is essential.

Conveying simple meaning is not enough; finance thrives on accuracy and detail. For this reason, businesses are increasingly turning to professional finance translation agencies to ensure that their translated documents are precise, and PrimeLingo is the perfect choice for
that as it has the financial expertise and specialist language professionals to make your next
project a success.

We translate numerous financial documents every day. We help with a wide range of documentation
across all aspects of the financial sector, including:

• Real Estate
• Insurance
• Economics
• Banking
• Business and Accountancy
• Taxes
• Digital web and mobile content
• Financial reports
• Investment, performance and market reports
• Banking software

Mobile Marketing Translation

Mobile marketing is set to be one of the most important drivers for change in the way that prospective customers will be engaging with businesses in the future, and no marketer can afford to ignore the need for mobile marketing translation if their goal is to reach new markets.

The huge recent uptake of smart-phones is of course driving the rapid expansion into these areas, and there is clearly an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to get ahead of the competition by staking out an internet presence in the mobile market, and mobile marketing translation can help build your online presence.

At PrimeLingo, we have a fully dedicated team of translators and localizers who work hard to
provide you with highest quality mobile marketing translation services.

Software Localization

Localizing your software into Arabic will allow you to tap into new markets, and give your Arabic-speaking users a better experience. But it can be a challenge if you don’t have the right processes and technology in place. PrimeLingo’s expert team of translators can provide you with software localization services for all types of software packages. Whether you are creating a new operating system or an internal software package for companies’ overseas office, we can help.

At PrimeLingo, we translate computer software, games, and online applications from English into
Arabic. Taking speed, quality, and cost into consideration when localizing your software is what
makes us the perfect choice for you to use our services.

Website Localization

The process of adapting the language, appearance and functionality of a website for the Arabic markets needs someone expert with a great grasp on Arabic cultural business fields and marketing strategies, PrimeLingo can do this and more. Because we do more than translate your content; we help you reach your target audiences without losing your identity or style.

One of PrimeLingo’s strategic goals is to help businesses expand in Arabic-speaking countries. When a brand aspires to spread, translation is the only solution, but poor, non-localized translation can cause great harm as well as embarrassment. So we work very carefully to ensure
that the end goal of the localization is a website that:

• Accommodates the differences in cultures and terminologies
• Stay true to the original content
• Reads like it was designed in the target language in the first place

Marketing Translation

As you know marketing material is not only supposed to convey a message but also to persuade the reader. Therefore, marketing translations are particularly challenging because they need a higher level of creativity compared to technical or medical translation, but with our qualified and professional team we ensure that whatever you’re trying to convey through your marketing channels we’ll help you say it to the world.

We provide fast translation services of various types of marketing materials like paper advertisement, TV advertisement, all the collateral that goes with the promotion of a company
(leaflets, presentation, even business cards), and all the content that lives online, that includes Content
Marketing, online advertisement (PPC campaigns and banners creation), SEO and email marketing just
to name the main categories.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

At PrimeLingo we provide a complete creative translation service to make sure that the Arabic version of your documents match the original design. Our desktop publishing services team will help you prepare your materials for printing in the same format of your original file, our DTP team of skilled writers, editors, and designers will create visually compelling layouts that will engage your intended audience, and complement the message you want conveyed.

Our desktop publishing services include writing, editing, document formatting, and graphic design, if you need to translate a PDF, booklet, manual, or any other type of document to
a set standard that preserves your message across all markets, our DTP Services are for you.

General Translation

Translating general documents that can’t be categorized under a specific industry and don’t require any specialized knowledge, seems easy on the surface but in fact it can be tricky, because the same document can contain terminology from multiple sectors like news articles, job applications and so on; so it needs a very skilled and knowledgeable translator to get it right and you’ll find that translator at PrimeLingo.

Whatever your document is, PrimeLingo can translate it. We have a very qualified team with expertise in various fields of translation and localization, whether it’s Press Releases, slogans,
travelogues, advertisements, brochures, letters, books, instructions, etc; depend on us to get it done.


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